Short talks

  1. Unsolved problems on Hurwitz polynomials (Baltazar AguirreMéxico)
  2. Determinacy of the Hamburger moment problem in the matrix case (Abdón Choque, México)
  3. The diagonal general case of the Laguerre Sobolev-type orthogonal polynomials (Juan Carlos García, Colombia)
  4. Approximate calculation of sums and series and bounds for the positive zeros of Gram polynomials (Vanessa G. Paschoa, Brazil)
  5. Electrostatic behavior of zeros of Laguerre-Krall orthogonal polynomials (Edmundo Huertas, Spain)
  6. Laguerre polynomials and the discrete Laplace transform (Adolfo Huet, México)
  7. Diagonal case of the Laguerre-Sobolev Type orthogonal polynomials, adding and differentiating masses on negative point (Luis Alejandro Molano, Colombia)
  8. (1,1)-q-Coherent Pairs (Natalia C. Pinzón, Spain)
  9. On asymptotic behavior for extremal polynomials associated to non-diagonal Sobolev norms (Yamilet Quintana, Venezuela)
  10. Some properties of the zeros of certain families of orthogonal polynomials (Fernando R. Rafaeli, Brazil)
  11. OPUC and Chain Sequences (A. Sri Ranga, Brazil)

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