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September 9, 2009

Program 2010

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Eckehard W. Mielke
Axion condensate or modified gravity in dark galaxy halos ?
Abstract: Localized solutions of an axion-like scalar model with a periodic self-interaction are analyzed  as a  model of dark matter halos. Such a cold Bose-Einstein type condensate can provide a substantial contribution to the observed rotations curves of galaxies. However, scalar dark  matter and modified gravity are, to some extend equivalent: After a conformal mapping,  the dependence of the effective Lagrangian on the curvature  bifurcates into several   almost Einsteinian branches, distinguished only by a different  effective gravitational strength  and cosmological constant. (PLB 671 2009)

Carlos Arturo Soto Campos
Study group on anomalies in QFT.

Ernest Ma
Neutrino Theory: Some Recent Developments.

Elena Cáceres
Walking technicolor dynamics from string duals.

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