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September 14, 2011

2012 DCPIHEP workshop

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News from the LHC

January 5 – 14 Puebla

Invited Lectures

Antonio Delgado (U. Notre Dame): The LHC mysteries: What will we find?
José A. Ruiz Cembranos (U. Complutense de Madrid) Dark Matter: Candidates and Signatures


Jaime Hernández Sánchez (BUAP) Higgs bosons signals beyond MSSM.
Alfonso Díaz-Furlong (BUAP) Warped Models: Present Status
Héctor Novales (BUAP) Integration of Kaluza-Klein modes in Yang-Mills theories
Isabel Pedraza (U. Wisconsin) W’ and Z’ searches at Atlas
Eduard de la Cruz (Cinvestav) Higgs search at CMS
Alejandra Parra (BUAP) Inclined Showers at the PAO INFILL array
Irais Bautista Guzmán (U. Santiago de Compostela) Evolution of particle density in high -energy pp collisions.
César Bonilla (BUAP) Minimalism in models of flavor
José A. Ruiz Cembranos (U. Complutense de Madrid) Unification in Scalar-Tensor
Theories of gravity


Calos A. Alvarado Rojas U. Colima
Alfredo Aranda U. Colima
Irais Bautista Guzmán U. Santiago de Compostela
Jasel Berra BUAP – Puebla
Césa Bonilla BUAP – Puebla
Eduard de la Cruz Cinvestav
Enrique Díaz U. Colima
Lorenzo Díaz BUAP – Puebla
Alfonso Díaz-Furlong BUAP – Puebla
Jaime Hernández BUAP – Puebla
Gibraham Ivanhoe Nápoles Cañedo BUAP – Puebla
Roberto Noriega Papaqui U.A.E. Hidalgo
Héctor Novales BUAP – Puebla
Alejandra Parra BUAP – Puebla
Isabel Pedraza U. Wisconsin
Alfonso Rosado BUAP – Puebla
Sebastián Rosado Navarro BUAP – Puebla
José Ruiz Cembranos U. Complutense de Madrid
Humberto Salazar BUAP – Puebla

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