Publicaciones 2008

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  2. P. Amore and F.M. Fernández, Accurate calculation of the complex eigenvalues of the Schrödinger equation with an exponential potential, Physics Letters A 372, (2008) 3149-3152
  3. P. Amore and F.M. Fernandez, Inversion of perturbation series, J. Phys. A 41, (2008) 025251
  4. Alfredo Aranda, Omar Blanno, and J. Lorenzo Díaz-Cruz, A Model of Neutrino and Higgs Physics at the Electroweak Scale, Physics Letters B 660, (2008) 62-66
  5. Alfredo Aranda, J. Hernández-Sánchez, and P. Q. Hung, Implications of the discovery of a Higgs triplet on electroweak right-handed neutrinos, JHEP 11 (2008) 092
  6. C. Bruegger, C.P. Hofmann, F. Kaempfer, M. Moser, M. Pepe, U.-J. Wiese, Spiral phases and two-particle bound states from a systematic low-energy effective theory for magnons, electrons, and holes in an antiferromagnet, Physica B 403, (2008) 1447
  7. Elena Cáceres, Raphael Flauger, Mathias Ihl, and Timm Wrase, New supergravity backgrounds dual to N=1 SQCD-like theories with N(f) = 2N(c), JHEP 03 (2008) 020
  8. Andrés Pedroza, Induced Hamiltonian Maps on the Symplectic Quotient, Differential Geometry and its Applications26 (2008) 503-507
  9. Andrés Pedroza, Seidel’s Representation on the Hamiltonian Group of a Cartesian Product,Int. Math. Res. Notices2008 (2008) rnn049, 19 pages
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