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The Physics and Mathematics Department at the University of Colima is seeking candidates for two positions in Physics. Both openings are at the level of Profesor Investigador de Tiempo Completo Titular A (equivalent to the US assistant professor level) and are scheduled to begin in August 2016.

The Physics and Mathematics Department, established 14 years ago, has intensive and successful undergraduate programs in Physics and Mathematics. It is currently composed of twelve researchers (5 in Physics) devoted mainly to theoretical and phenomenological areas such as high-energy physics, cosmology, string theory, condensed matter and mathematical physics. In the near future, the Department is planning to create an experimental group in association with a KEK and/or Fermilab collaboration within the intensity frontier of high-energy physics.

The positions being offered are not constrained to any particular area in theoretical physics and the candidates will be chosen according to their research and teaching potentials at Colima. It is important to note however that a desirable factor to be considered is a plausible relation of the candidates’ research/interests to current experimental endeavors in fundamental science.

The successful candidates must:

  • Develop a vigorous research program and maintain a high quality academic productivity in Physics.
  • Participate in teaching (a minimum of one course per semester) and advising of students from the undergraduate programs at the Department. They must have the capacity and willingness to incorporate undergraduate level physics and mathematics students into research.
  • Become members of the CONACYT’s Sistema Nacional de Investigadores within the first two years after their appointment.
  • Apply to the standard Mexican grants available for researchers (startup grant from PRODEP and CONACYT).
  • Show willingness to participate in student recruitment activities.
  • Participate in activities associated to academic administration.

For more details, requirements and application procedure, consult the following document: Official announcement of two research positions in Physics at Universidad de Colima (PDF).

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