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Cosmology has an aim that sounds as crazy as it gets: Study the universe as a whole, including is birth, evolution and fate.

String Theory

Dynamical Systems

Complex Systems

  1. Troubles for observing the inflaton potential.
  2. Cosmic acceleration, scalar fields and observations.
  3. Primordial fluctuations and cosmological inflation after WMAP 1.0.
  4. Tensor to scalar ratio of perturbation amplitudes and inflaton dynamics.
  5. Is power law inflation really attractive?
  6. Sketching the inflaton potential.
  7. Inflation with a constant ratio of scalar and tensor perturbation amplitudes.
  8. Further evidences for a generic universe.
  9. Is the observable universe generic?
  10. On the Stewart-Lyth inverse problem.
  11. Higher order corrections to primordial spectra from cosmological inflation.
  12. Revisiting the calculations of inflationary perturbations.
  13. Inflationary scenarios with scale invariant spectral tensorial index.
  14. The Stewart-Lyth inverse problem.
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