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I certainly know that education is not a sufficient condition for a better world but I firmly believe it is a necessary one.
In Goethe's words, Nothing is more terrible than ignorance in action. A good education makes us aware of our inborn capability for reasoning.
This capability is strengthened by learning to critically approach concrete problems and to solve them.
This way we should become able to consciously process most of the information that we are receiving in our everyday life.
This (actually) ubiquitous information determines our point of view about ourself and about the surrounding world.
Keen discernment should led us to act as conscious citizens. Critical thinking is a key ingredient for a better world.
All of the above can be summarized with the following rethorical argument by José Martí: Being good is the only way of being happy.
Being cult is the only way of being free. But is common for the Human nature that one needs to be prosperous in order to be good.
And the only open path to a constant and easy prosperity is to know, to cultivate and to benefit from the inexhaustible and untiring elements of Nature
This believe drives my interest in popularizing science and, keeping the balance with my work as researcher and teacher,
I would like to to contribute to spread Physics and Mathematics achievements amongst the general public.

String Theory

Dynamical Systems

Complex Systems

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